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DC Axial Fans

CCHV offers advanced designs in DC fans that provide exceptional quality and excellent performance. Our DC fans are well-known for their reliable, quiet and cost-effective capabilities that function best in a low-pressure environment. Besides, they are also popular among our clients with the features of less power consumption.

  • They all available in a variety of voltages.
  • RoHS verified from the raw materials to the finished products.
  • Maximizing safety by following internationally recognized standards.
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Corrosion Protection

With a hard shell of high-quality fiber-reinforced polypropylene, each CCHV's DC fan has the excellent ability of corrosion resistance, which they can be installed on any sever erosive applications.

Easy to Maintenance

Comparing with the traditional types of DC axial fans, HHCV is able to offer you a simple assessment to maintain them by twisting off the shell because of our novel and sustainable designs.

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Simple Installation

We provide user manual of each product, where it is simple for you to install your DC fans by following the detailed instructions. You can also get FREE online or video call help when assembling.


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