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Capabilities is unique for every project!

At CCHV, each employee understands that our all-inclusive range of services may not leave a deep impression on you, but our goal is to make your new products to be impactful and complete. Every project that comes through our doors is unique and requires your attention, because our professional workers will provide you a tailored and comprehensive menu of services as well as helping your job done thoroughly and seamlessly.


Project Introduction

Our sale team understand the uniqueness of different projects. We will patiently introduce our cooperation process, give a detailed and personalized questionnaire, keep asking your requirements, plan a project schedule, and keep contact with you throughout the program.

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After collecting the information you give, our engineers will also do a deep research to learn more about your application and your product trends, exploring a suitable kind of cooling fans.

We don't just focus on your needs, we will also pay attention to the feasibility and the whole effect, designing a radiator fan that meets noise level, configurations, and other special options.

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Tooling Built Review

All the design approved by the customer, we will arrange the mold to be tested and confirm that the product meets the customer requirement and will conduct a series of product reliability tests to ensure the quality of the product. New project from target industry follow IATF(TS16949) procedure.

tooling built review
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Product Trial

A small batch of trial production will be carried out after set up the mould, and the process of the product will evaluated for problems, our QC team will do a series of testing such as Aging test, Magnet flux Field/Resistance/Tolerance test etc., and then the final adjustment will be made before final mass production.


Mass Production

After your confirmation of a FREE customized prototype, the mass production process will begin based on your requirements.

In order to improve our production efficiency, CCHV has accommodated the most advanced equipment, an automated production line, in production site to guarantee the delivery time.

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