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Our Approach to Sustainability

As a global corporate citizen, we do not only create economic values by maximizing profits and shareholder values, but also carry on a stronger responsibility to deliver innovated radiator fans, custom services, and create economic, social, and environmental values.

Sustainability Does Us Good

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    Respect Workers

    One of the key factor to success is to employ adequate experienced and hard-working workers. We know the value of our workers and compensate them with fair wages and generous benefits.

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    Protect Clients

    Sustainable companies use only safe materials to make products. We provide goods and services and find positive alternatives that improve the community in which they are located.

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    Green Products

    We evaluate the each step of production processes and make changes that have a positive impact on the society. People, the planet and profit, that what we focus on.

Value of CCHV Sustainability

Economic Values

  • Improve effective management system
  • Gain more profits
  • Maximize shareholder values
  • Expand our brand effect
  • Master more cutting-edge technologies

Social Values

  • Improve people‘s life with technology
  • Protect the environment
  • Ensure gender quality
  • Ensure availability of green projects
  • Make eco-friendly changes happen
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    About CCHV

    A cooling fans manufacturer and solution provider.

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    Advanced Facilities

    A stronger competitive edge have been built.


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