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Cooling Fan Manufacturer

CCHV, a leading factory, specializes in various fields of the radiator fan products that are independent and coordinated at the same time, which allows us to create complete and original answers for many different industries or applications.

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Cooling fan Manufacturer

ISO/TS16949:2002 Verified

Mature Automated Production Lines

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Our Clients

  • Philips
  • HP
  • LG

How It Works

Dedicated to creating cooling fans for clients to fit different kinds of appliances around the world, we are more than just a team of engineers, designers, and fabricators – we are your partner. We thrive on creating experiences with our clients that push beyond the expected. We think smart, build right and dream big. Bring us your wild ideas, your vision for success. Together, we can make something extraordinary.

Mature Supply Chain for cooling fan

1Mature Supply Chain

  • Experienced Production System for cooling fans

    2Experienced Production System

  • Strict Quality Control for cooling fans

    3Strict Quality Control

  • Standard Packaging for Cooling Fans

    4Standard Packaging

  • Scientific Inventory System for cooling fans

    5Scientific Inventory System

  • Cooling fans Outgoing Quality Control

    6Outgoing Quality Control

  • Cooperation for flexible Warranty Service

    7Flexible Warranty Service


Case Study

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