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AC Axial Fans

CCHV provides alternating current (AC) fans in a wide range of configurations for a variety of customer applications. Count on our AC fans for safe, reliable features which are hard to be found on the fans that from our competitors to meet the most stringent of standards, including:

  • Increasing airflow by our unique and multi-blade design on each products.
  • Providing a quiet circumstance with high-quality and long-life bearings.
  • Protecting against high temperatures, vibration, dust and water.

Our Products

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Corrosion Resistance

Thanks to our professional engineers, all our AC fans are made of fiber reinforced polypropylene, which has superior corrosion resistance against any applications, especially for severe corrosive usage.

Maintenance Friendly

Differing from the traditional split casing types, our compact and twist off removable designs of AC fans provides a easy assess for you to replace and maintain them.

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Easy installation

Because of years of experiences, our experts have researched and developed the right discharge position varied form different solutions, which allows for easy installation and duct connections.


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